Screening Research of Pharmaceutical Compositions Based on Succinic Acid, Ascorbic Acid and Rutin

Mariya Leleka, Olha Zalis'ka, Galyna Kozyr
2016 Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology  
We conduct research on the development of new medicines based on succinic acid, ascorbic acid and rutin. We studied the anti-inflammatory action (exudative inflammation, model of carrageenan-induced paw edema of rats), the hepatoprotective (injury of rats with carbon tetrachloride) and renal protectie action. In the study, the anti-inflammatory activity of our medicines (exudative inflammation, karahenin model of inflammatory edema of paws rats) is set to ability of suppression of the
more » ... on of the inflammatory response by 24.4 %. Against the background, the action of carbon tetrachloride observed a positive effect on cholesterol-and pigment-forming liver function. Reducing the activity of enzymes ALT (alanine transaminase) and AST (aspartate transaminase) in groups of animals, which treated with our medication, talks about their ability to recover morpho functional integrity of the membranes of hepatocytes and warn of changes in the liver damage with carbon tetrachloride. Renal protective action screening study found that investigated mixture capable of increasingly lower level of creatinine in the blood of rats: 27.27~39.18 mmol/L in Lespeflan. Similarly, the concentration of urea in the smaller of the studied using mixtures is 5.18 mmol/L, while the application lespeflanu urea concentration slightly higher is 6.78 mmol/L. This shows that hypoazotemic effect is traced compared with the control group, and better than the comparator Lespeflan. Study of acute toxicity showed that the investigated mixture refers to practically nontoxic drugs. It is confirmed the need for further studies on the pharmacological activity of our facility to determine the effect on capillaries and the immune system, and as a result, prevention and treatment of influenza and ARI (acute respiratory infections).
doi:10.17265/2328-2150/2016.09.003 fatcat:igo2hfxoqbfg5adl5bi5mjfqsa