A Multisensor System for the Characterization of the Field Pressure in Terrain. Accuracy, Response, and Adjustments

Isabel Sicilia, Sofía Aparicio, Borja Frutos, Eduardo Muñoz, Margarita González, José Javier Anaya
2019 Sensors  
In different disciplines of science, the knowledge of the resulting pressures in the subsoil can help to understand physical phenomena of mass exchange between the atmosphere and the terrain. The measurement of lower differential pressures is complicated given the low range of detected values. In this paper, a multisensor system has been designed and developed to measure differential pressures in radon gas transport studies. The adequacy of this system has been proven using a purpose-built
more » ... purpose-built pressure chamber and an automatic motion system developed by the authors. The temporal response frequencies, the pressure values measured by the sensors, and their ability to link in series were analyzed to offer a multisensor spatial and temporal mapping. At the same time, the influence of the components required for a real deployment were studied using different tube lengths and diameters, connectors, and obstructions across the operating range of the pressure sensors. The system has also been tested for measuring differential pressures in a real model with a concrete slab above the soil and a pressure generator system below. It was found that this system is very suitable for outdoor measurements that demand a quick temporal response and accuracy.
doi:10.3390/s19183942 fatcat:ykvvee2yhjavbjgeludgav4xdy