Laser Printing of Gel Microdrops with Living Cells and Microorganisms

N V Minaev, V I Yusupov, V S Zhigarkov, E S Churbanova, V S Cheptsov, M V Gorlenko, V N Bagratashvili
2018 KnE Energy  
We report the results of experiments on laser printing (wavelength λ=1064 nm) with gel microdrops acting as carriers of living microbial and cellular objects. The dynamics of transport processes with the help of high-speed optical video was studied, which allows to determine characteristics of the formed gel jets and to optimize the operating mode of the laser. It is shown that laser pulses of 4 to 20 ns duration and energy E ≤ 20 μJ should be used to minimize the negative effect on living
more » ... fect on living systems. The results can be used to optimize the technologies of cellular printing and laser engineering of microbial systems (LEMS). LEMS technology is used to isolate hard-cultivated and non-cultivated by classical methods of microorganisms that can act as producers of new biologically active substances and antibiotics.
doi:10.18502/ken.v3i3.2010 fatcat:jjb67wc7cbanxl2yqyrpiboxt4