The Effectiveness of Aquatic Exercises on Pain and Disability of the Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

Zahra Rafeeyan, Mostafa Farhad, Musa
One of the common socioeconomic problems of today's world is back pain and its chronic type can cause severe pain and disability in patients. Aquatic exercise is one of the complementary therapies which are used in diseases treatments. Aim: To determine the effectiveness of aquatic exercise on pain intensity and disability of the patients with chronic low back pain. Methods: This experimental study was performed on 48 women with chronic low back pain. Sampling method and division samples into
more » ... e case and control groups were performed using simple random sampling method. Data collection tools included demographic characteristic check list, VAS pain intensity control scale and Oswestry disability index questionnaire (ODI). The patients in the case group were asked to perform some special back aquatic exercise in the pool, with temperature of 30-31°C, along with the coach, three times a week (every other day) and each session lasted for 60 minutes for three months. The control group waited only for three months. The questionnaires were filled by both groups before and after the intervention. Results: Mean age of the subjects was 43 years. Mean pain intensity scores between case and control group had a significant difference before and after the aquatic exercise (P < 0.001). In the control group, there was also a significant difference after 3 months of waiting (P < 0.013). Mean disability intensity before and after the aquatic exercise had a significant difference between the case and control groups (P < 0.04), but no significant difference was observed in the control group. Conclusion: Aquatic exercise was shown to be effective on the intensity of pain and disability in patients with chronic low back pain and, if considered as a treatment, can reduce the pain and disability of such patients.