Methodological critique on Transitions in Health Financing and Policies for Universal Health Coverage Indian Journal of Hygiene and Public Health

Amitabha Sarkar
2016 unpublished
Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is the single most policy priority agenda for many countries including India. The design and policy proposals of UHC have been mooted by the concept as well as findings of some initial research reports. This review does a methodological critique of one of such reports. The report is considered as a crucial guideline for the preparation of UHC framework by many Low and Middle Income countries. The critique is based on the epidemiological perspective to analyze its
more » ... conceptualization, objectives, research questions and operational design. The analysis finds that the report is developed on the assumption of growth phenomenon and not on the reality of complex medical market. The epidemiological concerns are given less priority from design to findings. Selection of wrong indicators, limited research questions and weak assumptions dilute the advantage of having an ecological design to compare the data and analyze with exiting knowledge system. This report is unable to address the confusion currently UHC has over its design and application. UHC research is an epidemiological planning exercise, instead the report ponders over only with financing mechanisms. 'Universal (Health) coverage is the single most powerful concept that public health has to offer' (Margaret Chan, DG, WHO, 2012).