Research on the Influence of Vibrations on the Dynamic Characteristics of AC Contactors Based on Energy Analysis

Sun, Cui, Du
2020 Energies  
Aimed at the influence of the vibration environment on the performance degradation of AC contactors, the purpose of this study is to investigate the failure mechanism of AC contactors under vibration conditions. During the closing process of AC contactors, the impact energy of the iron core may change due to the vibration stress, which may have an uncertain effect on the parameters of the dynamic response characteristics of the contact, and affect the working performance and service life of AC
more » ... ontactors. In this paper, a double-E AC contactor is selected as the research object. Based on the calculation of the transient magnetic field of the electromagnetic mechanism, an energy distribution model of the AC contactor is established. Based on this, considering the influence of vibrations and the input electrical energy under different closing phase angles, the energy model of the iron core collision under simple harmonic oscillation is investigated. The steady-state vibration energy at different frequencies and accelerations is calculated, and its influence on the dynamic response parameters of the AC contactor is analyzed. Finally, the simulation model is verified by experimental data. The results show that the energy analysis model can effectively reflect and explain the uncertainty of the dynamic characteristics of AC contactors under vibrations, from the perspective of the mechanism.
doi:10.3390/en13030559 fatcat:7v4iakyrmfak3j6osov7veobey