Influence of "Prodeevit-tetra" and "Nanovit" preparations on the organism of dry cows
Вплив препаратів «Продевіт-тетра» і «Нановіт» на організму корів у період сухостою

I. B. Kobyliukh
2018 Bulletin "Veterinary biotechnology"  
255 nature is wild and domestic animals. Together with the territory, where they live, they form the natural, antropurgical and mixed sources of leptospirosis. Conclusion and prospects for further research. Thus, during the last 4 years a significant reduction of leptospirosis rate in Ternopil was caused by a number of factors, namely: decrease of the intensity of livestock in the territory of the region, decrease of rodents number in houses due to active disinfestation, decrease of infectivity
more » ... index in rodents and also by sanitary measures and awareness of the population about this disease. Perspective is the study of the significance of specific factors that led to such indicators of regional morbidity.
doi:10.31073/vet_biotech32(2)-31 fatcat:sxdfrupd6vbtfnwwbjmrdapbwu