A study of liquid carbon dioxide as a solvent and propellant [thesis]

Christopher Stephen Nieass
Two carbon dioxide -propelled aerosol products have been investigated to demonstrate their performance during discharge at various temperatures. The concentration of the product solution was determined by a gravimetric technique involving solvent evaporation and solute recovery. Randomly selected industrial cylinders of the products were completely discharged and the variation in concentration determined as a function of cumulative mass discharged. These tests revealed significant trends in
more » ... uct concentration. These trends are directly attributable to the nature of these systems in which highly compressed carbon dioxide is employed in a dual role as a solvent and as a propellant. Critical point elevation has been observed in these products. This phenomenon extends the useful temperature range, throughout which a two-phase system exists. Comparison of the theoretical model and the experimental discharge behaviour indicates that the systems significantly deviate from ideality. Volume contractions on mixing the components mitigates the concentration profiles from the expected values and leads to a less variable product concentration.
doi:10.26190/unsworks/5855 fatcat:q4hwtzhdq5a4vgmhidqfwwzmbe