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1890 Scientific American  
I ill(hIRh'il"'; or til(' ('Illpire alld of other countries, which imajority of companies have a special low charge for ('an ue ("olllprise(l ullder the head of commercial intel· street watering and flushing. If town officials, ill their ligpnce. The achip\"'lIIeut of these objects should ob-wisdom, should elect to put the ratepayers to the ex yiollsly teud to llIailltaill illtimate intercour�e. relation-peu�p of another water supply, �urely they ought first �hip, alld co-ope-rat iou uptween
more » ... great hOllle aud to count the cost, when it would certainly be found colollial center� of cOlllllterCp, i nd ustrie�, aud ell ucat hat the present. system is mo�t economical. If the tion, alld to enhance importantly our power of com' town is suffering from an insufficieut supply, it would petillg slwce�sfully in the great struggle. in which �till he preferable to expend money in extending the Ilatioll� am c'ontinuotlsly eugaged for �upremacy in works, and to sell a supply of water for the same cOllllllereial and illd u�trial enterprise and prosperity. amount as the ratepayers would be saddled with if a '1'0 the elaboration of the practical details of a sys-second plant were to be purchased. The highest lift tem of opp1'atioll l'alculated to �ecure the objects I have in the tOWllS referred to is 50 feet. Now, in lllany cases indicated, emille-ut publie-�pil'ited men are now devot-and in most of the new and prog ressive seaside resorts ing their be�t f'lwl·g'il'�. with the sang-ui ne expectatiou which are at present paying but 6d. to 8d. per 1,000 of realiziug the hope cherbhed by t.he royal founder of gallons, from 300 to 400 feet must be attained to water the Impt'ria! Institu te-. that thb memorial of the com-the hillside streets. Nothing is said about the deterio pletion, by our belovt'd sovereign. of fifty years of a ration of plant-mains, cocks, hydrants, water vans, Wise and prosperou� reign, is destined to be one of the stand pipes, tower, etc. N either i� anything said of most importallt bnlwarks of this country, its colonies the kind of meter used to measure the quantity sup and depenlkncief<. by b('collling a great center of ope-plied to baths. I used the ordinary inferential milter ratiolls, ('caseles�ly aetive in fo�tering the unity and once for filling carts with mit water, and it did not last developing the rewur('es. awl thus maintaining and in-a month. crea�ing the power amI pro�pprit y of our empire.
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