Properties of the italian version of the Body Weight Image and Self-Esteem (B-WISE) in a non-clinical sample-IRCCS Life Span and Disability

Marianna Alesi, Annamaria Pepi, Marianna Alesi, Alesi, Pepi
This study aims at assessing psychometric properties of the Italian version of the Body Weight Image and Self-Esteem (B-WISE) originally developed by Awad and Voruganti (2004) with psychiatric patients. The subjects were 1,033 non-clinical Italians with an average chronological age of 27.49 years (SD = 8.91). With regard to gender, there were 547 females and 491 males. Participants were administered self-report instruments: the B-WISE Questionnaire (Awad and Voruganti, 2004) and the Rosenberg
more » ... and the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (1965). The exploratory factor analysis revealed the existence of 3 factors explaining the 48.03% of total variance. With regard to internal consistency, our study showed a not satisfactory internal consistency of B-WISE by obtaining weak values of α ranging from .43 to .45. We found significant differences on body image between males and females. Males showed a higher body satisfaction. Moreover they revealed positive significant associations between body-image and self-esteem. 80 Results encouraged the use of the B-WISE questionnaire and highlighted the need for this measure to be employed in order to compare clinical and non-clinical samples. In particular, the B-WISE could be used as an instrument of screening useful in the early identification of high body dissatisfaction cases.