The Impact of Reflective Journal Writing on Vocabulary Achievement

Mahboubeh Tehrani, Farid Ghaemi
International Journal of Educational Investigations Available online @   unpublished
Improving EFL learner's vocabulary achievement has always been a matter of interest for teachers. The present study experimentally examined the impact of reflective journal writing on Iranian intermediate EFL learners' vocabulary achievement. To fulfill the purpose of this study, 60 intermediate participants were selected through convenient sampling from among a total number of 74 based on their performance on Oxford Placement Test (OPT), and randomly assigned into experimental and control
more » ... al and control groups. During the course, the participants were taught similar words by the teacher to two groups; the only difference was that in the experimental group the learners used those words in their reflective journals, while in the control group traditional techniques were employed to achieve words. After the administration of vocabulary posttest, the results of t-test and ANCOVA revealed that the participants receiving the treatment in the experimental group outperformed the control group significantly on posttest. Consequently, the findings point to this fact that reflective journal writing had significant impact on Iranian intermediate EFL learners' vocabulary achievement.