Timed Communicating Object Z

B. Mahony, Jin Song Dong
2000 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering  
AbstractÐThis paper describes a timed, multithreaded object modeling notation for specifying real-time, concurrent, and reactive systems. The notation Timed Communicating Object Z (TCOZ) builds on Object Z's strengths in modeling complex data and algorithms, and on Timed CSP's strengths in modeling process control and real-time interactions. TCOZ is novel in that it includes timing primitives, properly separates process control and data/algorithm issues and supports the modeling of true
more » ... eaded concurrency. TCOZ is particularly well-suited for specifying complex systems whose components have their own thread of control. The expressiveness of the notation is demonstrated by a case study in specifying a multilift system that operates in real-time.
doi:10.1109/32.841115 fatcat:x3cbmfzbfbdqxbobkl57ckyb6e