Literatura en las Coordenadas del Cambio: Premio Casa de las Americas Literatura para Niños y Jovenes (1975-2012)

Gloria-Maria Cuesta-Gonzalez
The cultural dimension of the Cuban Revolution (1959) has an unquestionable reference: Casa de las Américas, international symbol of Cuba in the field of the arts. Of its multiple artistic expression, we have put our focus in the literary prizes with which this institution recognizes children's literary creation, and our working hypothesis is that Casa de las Américas has played an essential role in the development and consolidation, in the Latin American context, of a genre that even today in
more » ... that even today in day is considered minor. The goal of our study is therefore to investigate and analyze the reasons offered for that hypothesis, proving its veracity. Because of the link between the entity and the Cuban revolution, the first chapter is dedicated to deepen the knowledge of the political context in which emerges Casa de las Americas, while in the second one we rescue the literary precedents from an essential figure, José Martí, to the direct antecedent of the award, the first Forum of Literature for Children and Young People (1972). The third and final chapter is devoted entirely to the award, establishing and analyzing the works that compose the corpus.
doi:10.7275/6046463 fatcat:jlwcjqegvbca7p5s7butc47uue