The Reliability and Validity Test of Sasangin Diagnostic Questionnaire for Specialist(SDQ_S)
전문가용 사상체질진단지의 신뢰도와 타당도 검사

Yun-Seong Pak, Je-Shin kim, Byung-Joo Park, Jung-Hee Yoo, Jun-Hee Lee, Byung-Hee Koh, Eui-Ju Lee
2016 Journal of Sasang Constitutional Medicine  
Objectives The purpose of this study was to develop the Sasangin Diagnostic Questionnaire for Specialist(SDQ_S) and to evaluate the reliability and validity of SDQ_S for standardization of sasang constitutional diagnosis by korean medicine Specialist in clinical practice. Methods SDQ_S was developed through discussions of three sasang constitutional medical specialist. We recruited 210 subjects aged from 20 to 70, and conducted the evaluation of SDQ_S and sasang constitutional diagnosis. For
more » ... reliability test, internal consistency was examined by calculating the cronbach's α coefficient on 88 items excepted measurements of trunk, and independence and agreement was examined by chi-square test and McNemar test for 84 subjects which retested SDQ_S. For the validity test, discriminant functions was derived from the sample group(105 subjects), and they were applied to the test group(105 subjects). We identified the hit-ratio of SDQ_S in the test group. Results and Conclusions In the reliability test, the cronbach's α coefficient was 0.664 and 87 items(98.9%) have dependent relationships between 1st test and 2nd test. And 39 items(44.3%) have high agreements(0.8≤McNemar), 26 items(29.5%) have common agreements(0.4≤McNemar<0.8). In the validity test, four discriminant variables(Soeum Index, Taeeum Index, Torso Ratio I, Taeyang Index) were selected, and two discriminant functions were derived. Total hit-ratio was 74.2%, and hit-ratio of Taeeumin(76.7%) was higher than that of Soeumin(75.9%) and Soyangin(69.7%). SDQ_S has good reliability and validity for sasang constitutional diagnosis.
doi:10.7730/jscm.2016.28.2.110 fatcat:mepnojl7fve5zkmihjbu4ijxgq