The changes in proportion of blood cells in autointoxication caused by peritonitis

Kuligin А.V., Sadchikov D.V., Losev R.Z., Arkhangelsky S.M., Gromov M.S., Slonova M.M.
2012 Saratovskij Naučno-medicinskij Žurnal  
Aim. The aim of the study is the improvement of assessment of intoxication in these patients by defining the relationship between mutual proportions of blood cells and the outcome of treatment. Materials and methods. We have performed an analysis of 80 cases of peritonitis, having studied their count of blood cells and the degree of autointoxication and the outcomes. Results. The most effective technique of assessment is use of the formula (Er><Tr)/Le, which result falls as autointoxication
more » ... utointoxication progresses. Conclusion. The developed technique may be used for the assessment of autointoxication in the routine clinical practice
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