Rethingking Islam And Modernity: Menelaah Pemikiran Fathi Osman Tentang Pluralisme Dan Ham

Asrori Asrori
2021 Al-Hikmah  
Problems that often arise in the last few years are related to pluralism and human rights which are widely discussed, especially studies in Indonesia. The impact of the development of the era in which humans with all their different views and thoughts make pluralism and human rights placed in different positions. Sometimes pluralism and human rights make conflicts between people on this earth. The purpose of this research is first, to describe pluralism and human rights, second to describe
more » ... problems (the concept of human rights and their implementation). The results of the study explain the major themes of Fathi Osman's thoughts, including those related to pluralism and human rights. The concept of pluralism is put forward to understand that the differences that occur between humans do not have to be interpreted as enmity and mutual truth claims between one another which ultimately result in conflict and even war. Meanwhile, the concept of human rights is offered as the "spirit" of respect and acknowledgment of individual rights and minority rights that should not be violated. Human rights issues in the world are indeed very diverse, differences in views, concepts, culture and geography of the world community make human rights unresolved until now. However, if we explore, there are two serious problems facing the world in relation to human rights, namely conceptual issues and obstacles to their implementation. Conceptual issues are fundamental issues related to the concept of human rights in the 1948 Human Rights Declaration.
doi:10.30651/ah.v7i2.10749 fatcat:hnm6tqpdgrbypnhbrkgb5fykae