Collaborative Design for Uneven Physical Structures of Multi-Layers in PEMFC

Qinwen Yang, Shujun Chen, Gang Xiao, Lexi Li
2021 World Electric Vehicle Journal  
A collaborative design for the uneven distributions of a flow channel, gas diffusion layer porosity and catalyst layer porosity are newly proposed to improve the utilization ratio of the membrane electrode assembly of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell. The effects of the uneven design of the rib width and of the uneven porosity parameters of the cathode and anode gas diffusion layer and catalyst layer on the fuel cell performance were studied in detail. Numerical simulations were designed
more » ... nd implemented for validation. The results show that the fuel cell performance could be improved through the collaborative design of uneven distributions for different layers. The rib width gradually decreasing and the porosity of the cathode gas diffusion layer and the cathode catalyst layer gradually increasing along the fluid flow direction would contribute to a better design compared to the regular even design. The new uneven design can make the fuel penetrate into the catalyst layer in time to participate in the reaction, improve the utilization rate of the membrane electrode assembly, and greatly improve the performance of the fuel cell.
doi:10.3390/wevj12030148 fatcat:4l6ake55rvavvjhbtc2yx7jh54