Rapid immunoperoxidase monolayer assay IPMA for detectio and titration of foot and mouth disease antibodies in sheep in comparison with snt and elisa

2005 Mansoura Veterinary Medical Journal  
Thts study describes lhe evaluatiOn oj immulloperoxidase monolayer assay (IPMA) Jor deCectiJlg anUbodies against serolype 01/93 FooL and MouUI Disease viru s In sera oj trifected. vaccinaled wtd ra.lldomjield sera oj sheep.The IPMA results w ere CO/Jlpared with thaL obtained by serum neutralization test (SNTJ wid tndfrect enzyme-Iulked lrrununosorbent assay lEUSA). All inj ected.. ooccinaled sheep sera (esfed posfliue by SNT alld EUSJ\. were jJOsiUve by IPMA WW I a mean Wers oj
more » ... tog lOTClD50 one month post expenmentC!Hy injected sheep or sheep vaccinated with 'nacllooied monooolenl gel adJuuan! serotype 01/93 FMD vlnlS vaccine. 30 out oj 50 field s/Ieep sera tested posHive by both EUS"" and IPMA. Out oj tile 30 posllive sera 2 7 (9096) revealed neutralizing an.tlbody Wers oj 0.6 to 1.5 log JOTCID SO . In expenninlally Injected or ooccLnaLeu sheep. anWxxHes againsf serotype 01193 could be detect"ed 5 to 7 days joUowing u!!eclioll or uacculal/on by EUSII. and IPMA. TIle agreemellt beLweel1 IPMA and EUSA was 100% bul it was 90% belweelllPMA and SNT Injield samples. 'nte app!fcabUify oj lPMA as specifIC and rapid Jor del.ecL/on. oj FMD anti/Jod£es was dlscussed . Keywords: lmmunoperoxtdaes monolayer assay (IPMA), EUSA, SNT. serotype 01/ 93 FMDVantibodies. Injected. vacCInated andjlelds sheep. also occurred maJll lly ~ubcllnlcaUy. a rapld. speclllc and sensitive test Is reqUired for c..IetecUon of antibody . ELISA could be detected ea rly anUbodles but the technique n eed aulolltaU c ELlSA Mansoura, Vet. Med.
doi:10.21608/mvmj.2005.124743 fatcat:spchxbapgndy3nvtw6gxouw7ci