** (eds) in collaboration with M Enhancing the resilience of social infrastructures: issues on agents, artefacts and processes. Proceedings of the 2016 Modena Workshop

Francesco Pagliacci, Simone Righi, Margherita Russo, M Casoni, L Farinosi, C Fortunati, M Garzillo, P Guggenheim, B Lauriola, S Oppi, K Pedrazzi, M Petersen (+31 others)
2016 unpublished
In the social sciences domain, the term 'resilience' is usually associated to a wide set of changes that affect people and their communities. In particular, both the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015 and the Sendai Framework explicitly focus on the way in which communities face both natural and man-made hazards. To this respect, both material and non-material infra-structures play a critical role, hence deserving a specific focus when assessing local communities' level of resilience. Among
more » ... em, this paper focuses on: health services, social services, government (according to a multi-level perspective, from the national to the local level), communication infrastructure (i.e. specific tools to interconnect all aforementioned networks). Firstly, this paper discusses some of the most important issues and theoretical frameworks that should be addressed in the analysis of the processes of enhancing the resilience of social infrastructures. Secondly, the discussion that took place in a workshop promoted in May 2016 as the outcome of a one-year dialogue across a group of EU researchers is returned. The debate moves from some theoretical perspectives on resilience and it eventually returns some case studies and real experiences, such as the actions of local governments and the role of risk communication. JEL: O35, R58, Q54