Measurement of Organizational Commitment and Factors Influencing the Level of Commitment of Employees-An Empirical Investigation of Higher Education System

Mubashir Majid, Afifa Ibrahim
Organizational commitment is a valuable concept for an organization as well as an employee. It plays a great deal for the successful performance of an organization. This is because a highly committed employee will identify with the goals and values of the organization, has a strong desire to belong to the organization and is ready to display greater affinity in terms of organization citizenship behavior. Hence an organization cannot perform well unless the employees in competitive organizations
more » ... itive organizations are committed and work effectively in teams. As workplaces, nowadays are fast paced and have a dynamic business environment, it becomes pertinent to know and understand more about the concept of organizational commitment. Therefore the study is conducted with an objective to study the perception regarding organizational commitment and the factors affecting commitment of employees. The study will have its relevance in facilitating organizations; have an in-depth understanding of the employees' perception of commitment and level of commitment towards their organization. It will also explore the factors that influence employee commitment so that the organization makes efforts for their enhancement and remain successful.