DHOKE SATISH, Saini Mankeshva, Mahajan Yogesh
2022 Zenodo  
As more time passes, societies are getting more worried about the environment, and they are also becoming more informed of the usage of green goods and items that are favourable to the environment. In other words, societies are becoming more environmentally conscious. This has resulted in the formation of green practices all over the world, and the present situation all over the globe is the fundamental reason why the notion of green marketing has gained relevance everywhere else in the world.
more » ... he term "green marketing" refers to a set of business practices that are beneficial to the environment and society as a whole. These practices include the development of "green" products, as well as "green pricing," "green promotion," the implementation of a "green supply chain," and "green advertising." Green marketing is a technique that addresses the issue of promoting and safeguarding the natural environment, which is to the advantage of both consumers and businesses alike. The term "green marketing" may also apply to marketing practices that are kind to the environment. In order to manufacture products that are less harmful to the environment, businesses are investing considerable quantities of money in research and development efforts. These goods have the ability to reduce the amount of pollution that is released into the environment and to better protect the natural resources that are found on earth. In this piece of study, the major focus has been on the concept of "green marketing," as well as its relevance and the impact that it has on "sustainable development." In order to assemble the data that was acquired, secondary sources were employed. These secondary sources included journals, books, newspapers, and websites. In conclusion, environmentally responsible marketing is a vital component of long-term development and the responsible management of the environment by companies in any country
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7333148 fatcat:bx3wjo7yajczfm4wwyogwg6suu