Beam steering for circular switched parasitic arrays using a combinational approach

Mofolo R. O. Mofolo, Albert A. Lysko, Thomas O. Olwal, Willem A. Clarke
2011 IEEE Africon '11  
In this paper we present a method of electronic beam steering for circular switched parasitic array (SPA) antennas. In circular SPA antennas, one achieves azimuth beam steering by open-circuiting and short-circuiting different parasitic elements, usually with only one parasitic element open-circuited at a time. For the SPA antenna with few parasitic elements, this results in low azimuth beam steering resolution. In the proposed method, we iterate through different combinations of parasitic
more » ... nts and the possible switch states of the lumped impedance loads connected to the parasitic elements. Our method aims to increase the azimuth beam steering resolution of the circular SPA antennas. The method is verified using a combination of simulation (using both MATLAB and WIPL-D) and a SPA antenna prototype implementation. The MATLAB code uses the induced EMF method, while the WIPL-D uses the Methods of Moment (MoM) for solving the antenna impedances. The three sets of results (simulations and measurement) match very well at 2.4 GHz. The results indicate the availability of more options (different loading configurations) for electronic beam switching that can be adopted to improve the beam steering resolution of circular SPA antennas.
doi:10.1109/afrcon.2011.6072045 fatcat:rbzvei6tbzd7zcom32ikm77j3e