Effects Of Spray Drying On Physical Properties, Total Phenolic Content And Antioxidant Activity Of Carob Molasses

Züleyha Akkaya, Jewe Schröder, Sebnem Tavman, Seher Kumcuoglu, Heike Petra Schuchmann, Volker Gaukel
2012 International Journal of Food Engineering  
In the present study carob molasses (pekmez) was spray dried to obtain a powder with desired improved handling properties. Maltodextrin with dextrose equivalent (DE) values of 8.6, 15.3 and 18.6 was used as a drying agent. Different molasses to maltodextrin ratios (25:75, 50:50), and dryer air inlet temperatures (160°C, 210°C) were additional parameters. The spray dried powders were analyzed for glass transition temperature, moisture content, water activity, wetting behavior, particle size,
more » ... particle size, color, total phenolic content and antioxidant activity. The expected increasing effect of decreasing DE value on the glass transition temperature was obscured by different moisture contents. The glass transition temperature was mainly lowered by increasing the pekmez to maltodextrin ratio but also by increasing the air inlet temperature resulting in increasing moisture content. Wetting behavior was strongly influenced by the DE value. Total phenolic content was reduced in general by about 10 % and antioxidant activity changed by about 20 % independent from the investigated parameters. It can be concluded that spray drying of pekmez with addition of maltodextrin is a suitable method to improve and adjust handling properties of pekmez without loss of its nutritional value.
doi:10.1515/1556-3758.2593 fatcat:4mjyyl5um5ggpchpmxwj7wryba