Pan-Genome Analysis Reveals Functional Divergences in Gut-Restricted Gilliamella and Snodgrassella

Zhengyi Zhang, Yulong Guo, Fan Yang, Jilian Li
2022 Bioengineering  
Gilliamella and Snodgrassella, members of core gut microbiota in corbiculate bees, have high species diversity and adaptability to a wide range of hosts. In this study, we performed species taxonomy and phylogenetic analysis for Gilliamella and Snodgrassella strains that we isolated in our laboratory, in combination with published whole-genome. Functional effects of accessory and unique genes were investigated by KEGG category and pathway annotation in pan-genome analysis. Consequently, in
more » ... amella, we inferred the importance of carbohydrate metabolism, amino acid metabolism, membrane transport, energy metabolism, and metabolism of cofactors and vitamins in accessory or unique genes. The pathway mentioned above, plus infectious disease, lipid metabolism, nucleotide metabolism as well as replication and repair exert a pivotal role in accessory or unique genes of Snodgrassella. Further analysis revealed the existence of functional differentiation of accessory and unique genes among Apis-derived genomes and Bombus-derived genomes. We also identified eight and four biosynthetic gene clusters in all Gilliamella and Snodgrassella genomes, respectively. Our study provides a good insight to better understand how host heterogeneity influences the bacterial speciation and affects the versatility of the genome of the gut bacteria.
doi:10.3390/bioengineering9100544 fatcat:w7rlusrngfgovgi3wqtil2r3a4