1893 The Lancet  
597 he has made out a fair if not a very strong case in favour of his hypothesis, but that further inquiry must show whether it is correct or not. and other works. London : James Nisbet and Co. 1893.-This is a wholesome book of its kind, and, whether the reader agree wholly or partially with the author or not, is worthy to be read in quiet moments. Of course the general theme bristles with difficulties if looked at from a philosophical point of view, or even from the standpoint of the religious
more » ... disputant. But, accepting the current thought of orthodox believers in the Christian system, no serious exception is likely to be taken to the way in which the subject is presented. In discussing the various points offered for consideration the author has the advantage of possessing, by virtue of his calling, an intimate acquaintance with the frailties of human nature and with the struggle often required to be undergone by those who seek to attain a higher grade of moral excellence. The subject of the work, however, is scarcely suited for discussion in our pages; and, whilst according our sympathy with the purpose of the author, we must leave the criticism of his book to the theological controversialist. Certifying Surgeon's Daily Report Book. Manchester T. H. Hayhurst.-This little book has been designed by Dr. James Holmes, hon. secretary of the Association of Certifying Factory Surgeons, and appears to be very well suited to the purpose it is intended to serve. The book is divided into four sections, which are severally distinguished by the adoption of variously tinted paper, so that each section may be readily referred to. In the first section the number of cases is to be recorded, with age, sex, name of firm &c. ; the second is intended to record particulars of cases rejected, with reasons for rejection and the nature of manufacture for which the certificate was refused, and so on ; in the third section space is reserved for a record of reports of accidents, for the name of the person injured and the nature of the injury sustained ; finally, blank sheets are provided for the entry of general memoranda. For the purpose of assisting certifying surgeons in the work imposed upon them by the
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