Industry ""Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco products"" as economic unit in the Baltic states and Finland

Andrejs Jaunzems, Ilze Balode
2021 20th International Scientific Conference Engineering for Rural Development Proceedings   unpublished
The research is devoted to the dynamic comparative analysis of the industry "Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco products" (C10-C12) as an economic unit in the Baltic States and Finland. The theoretical background of the current study in the broad sense is the classical Input-Output analysis offered by W. Leontief and A. Ghosh, which is explored, for example, in the book "Input-Output Analysis. Foundations and Extensions" by Ronald E. Miller and Peter D. Blair, and in scientific
more » ... publications, as well. The empirical material of the study is the National Input-Output Tables for the Period 2000-2014 available at the World Input-Output Database with its unified structured statistical information in monetary terms. The original modification of the classical input-output model created by Jaunzems (2017) especially for the structure of National Input-Output Tables allows us to calculate and to interpret an array of economical and technological marginal indicators characterizing the industry C10-C12: technological interindustry coefficients, Leontief inverse, monetary allocation coefficients, Ghosh inverse. The authors perform the analysis of the industry's C10-C12 gross output, final demand, value added, direct and total backward linkages, direct and total forward linkages. The main conclusions of the study apply the purchases' vector structure, the gross output sales structure, and the sources for value added formation as well. The analysis is provided in the dynamic and comparative aspect, comparing Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania. Founded conclusions about the industry C10-C12 different efficiency require more detailed socio-economic causality analysis.
doi:10.22616/erdev.2021.20.tf297 fatcat:o52c4hv33jhmrbfb37mwbza6re