Biotechnological Interventions for Improving Livestock Production and Productivity

Suchika Jamwal, Suchika Jamwal
Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Sciences   unpublished
Livestock production presently accounts for about 43% of the gross value of agricultural production. Livestock production constitutes the livelihood of rural poor belonging to the lowest socioeconomic strata and generates gainful employment in the rural sector, particularly among the landless labourers, small and trivial farmers and women in developing countries. Growing demand for livestock products as a result of increasing population and urbanization is one of the major factors responsible
more » ... r the balanced growth of the livestock sector. Biotechnology is a significant tool in order to respond to the demand of producing more food products from animals to supply the food requirement of the increasing human population. Biotechnology has potential to improve animal production and productivity and to alter the nutritional value, functional, therapeutic. Several biotechnological approaches can be evaluated in the field of quality assurance programmes that should be beneficial to produce livestock products of assured quality and safe in respect to public health. In this article various aspects of biotechnological interventions beneficial for livestock sector were studied briefly.