Compressive spectral image fusion via a single aperture high throughput imaging system

Hoover Rueda-Chacon, Fernando Rojas, Henry Arguello
2021 Scientific Reports  
AbstractSpectral image fusion techniques combine the detailed spatial information of a multispectral (MS) image and the rich spectral information of a hyperspectral (HS) image into a high-spatial and high-spectral resolution image. Due to the data deluge entailed by such images, new imaging modalities have exploited their intrinsic correlations in such a way that, a computational algorithm can fuse them from few multiplexed linear projections. The latter has been coined compressive spectral
more » ... e fusion. State-of-the-art research work have focused mainly on the algorithmic part, simulating instrumentation characteristics and assuming independently registered sensors to conduct compressed MS and HS imaging. In this manuscript, we report on the construction of a unified computational imaging framework that includes a proof-of-concept optical testbed to simultaneously acquire MS and HS compressed projections, and an alternating direction method of multipliers algorithm to reconstruct high-spatial and high-spectral resolution images from the fused compressed measurements. The testbed employs a digital micro-mirror device (DMD) to encode and split the input light towards two compressive imaging arms, which collect MS and HS measurements, respectively. This strategy entails full light throughput sensing since no light is thrown away by the coding process. Further, different resolutions can be dynamically tested by binning the DMD and sensors pixels. Real spectral responses and optical characteristics of the employed equipment are obtained through a per-pixel point spread function calibration approach to enable accurate compressed image fusion performance. The proposed framework is demonstrated through real experiments within the visible spectral range using as few as 5% of the data.
doi:10.1038/s41598-021-89788-y pmid:33986428 fatcat:hncvti2h7nhrtlukao4m6ag3ve