A Highly Reliable Logic NVM "eCFlash (Embedded CMOS Flash)" Utilizing Differential Sense-Latch Cell with Charge-Trapping Storage

T. Ogura, M. Mihara, Y. Kawajiri, K. Kobayashi, S. Shimizu, S. Shukuri, N. Ajika, M. Nakashima
2008 2008 Joint Non-Volatile Semiconductor Memory Workshop and International Conference on Memory Technology and Design  
A new Logic NVM "eCFlash (embedded CMOS Flash)" has been developed without any additional process steps in a 0.25um technology. In this architecture, a novel differential sense-latch cell with charge-trapping storage is adopted. This unique cell structure functions as a differential sense amplifier as well as a data latch, therefore mass data can be restored to each cell's latch simultaneously for static data output with high sensitivity and low power consumption. Furthermore the handling
more » ... of twice the breakdown voltage with novel charge pump circuit and high voltage driver is demonstrated. By utilizing these techniques, a highly reliable Logic NVM is realized; 100K cycling endurance and data retention of 20years at 150C.
doi:10.1109/nvsmw.2008.29 fatcat:ufqgnjk6frgtdn2xh7y3yzacc4