Health status of winter triticale under conversion from the conventional production to organic systems
Zdrowotność pszenżyta ozimego w warunkach przestawiania produkcji konwencjonalnej na ekologiczną

2013 Progress in Plant Protection  
Winter triticale cultivar Witon was grown in 2004-2006 on the experimental plots in Bałcyny (NE Poland). The first two years of conducting the experiment referred to a period of converting the conventional production system to organic. Organic crop production started in 2006. The results of the experiment, showed that the average root rot infection index was higher in the organic farming system (22.4%) than in the conventional system (17.4%), in contrast to the data on the severity of stem base
more » ... diseases, eyespot and fusarium foot rot (17.9, 31.8% and 30.7, 35.8% in the organic and conventional systems, respectively). Fungicides used in the conventional farming system effectively reduced the development of cereal leaf pathogens. The symptoms of infection caused by Puccinia recondita were recorded only in the organic farming system (35.0%). The severity of tan spot of cereals reached 94.0% in the organic system, and only 6.0% in the conventional system.
doi:10.14199/ppp-2013-143 fatcat:qnoyhz3qxjdlvib6dy7ri7id4i