Active Audience in Transmedia Fiction: Platforms, Interactivity and Measurement [report]
La audiencia activa en la ficción transmedia: plataformas, interactividad y medición

J Vázquez-Herrero, A González-Neira, N Quintas-Froufe
2019 unpublished
A. González-Neira [CV] [ ORCID] [ GS] Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology and Communication Sciences -Universidade da Coruña (Spain) N. Quintas-Froufe [CV] [ ORCID] [ GS] Full Professor of the Abstract [EN] Introduction. The changes in the television landscape have given rise to new forms of production and consumption which present challenges to the monitoring of the audience. This article delves into the transformations regarding how to measure the audience
more » ... ugh the case study of the series produced by RTVE, Si fueras tú, the first native, interactive and transmedia fiction series. Methodology. An analysis of the official media and platforms which make up the transmedia universe of the fiction series is carried out. Subsequently, the possibilities of interaction and the activities of the audience in each of them are studied. Results. The data show that Facebook and Instagram comprise the greater part of the activity in the transmedia universe. Moreover, the weekly routine in the combination of platforms and the integration of the active audience is identified. Discussion and conclusions. The impossibility of measuring in a standardized way the transmedia audience is proven while further challenges are mentioned. Abstract translated by Ángela Martínez Fachal (MA in Advanced English Studies and its Applications,
doi:10.4185/rlcs-2019-1322en fatcat:b6f43ayolzevtdub2xalyr54oy