Combination of Point Safety Factor and Nonlinear Criterion in Slope Stability Analysis Siyu Pang

Xiaojin Chen, Qunyi Liu
Slope stability is mainly evaluated by safety factor, which only reflects the stability of the whole slope, instead of each part of slope. Then the point safety factor (PFS) is introduced to evaluate the stability of each part of slope. In the past, the PSF is mainly used in linear failure criterion, however, it has some limitations to describe the strength of rock. So this paper combines the PSF and nonlinear failure criterion, like Hoek-Brown criterion. Firstly, this paper establishes the
more » ... tionship between the parameters of the Hoek-Brown and Mohr-Coulomb criterions, the corresponding equivalent cohesive strength and the friction angle for Hoek-Brown criterion are obtained. Thereafter, the calculation method for the PSF in Hoek Brown criterion is proposed. And the reliability of the numerical method is verified by the one slope stability analysis. Finally, the effects of the Hoek-Brown criterion parameters on the PSF are studied.