Life after logging: reconciling wildlife conservation and production forestry in Indonesian Borneo [book]

Meijaard E., Sheil D., Nasi R., Augeri D., Rosenbaum B., Iskandar D., Setyawati T., Lammertink A., Rachmatika I., Wong A., Soehartono T., Stanley S. (+1 others)
2005 unpublished
Design and layout by Catur Wahyu and Gideon Suharyanto Cover photos (from left to right): Large mature trees found in primary forest provide various key habitat functions important for wildlife. (Photo by Herwasono Soedjito) An orphaned Bornean Gibbon (Hylobates muelleri), one of the victims of poor-logging and illegal hunting. (Photo by Kimabajo) Roads lead to various impacts such as the fragmentation of forest cover and the siltation of streamother impacts are associated with improved
more » ... th improved accessibility for people. (Photo by Douglas Sheil) This book has been published with fi nancial support from UNESCO, ITTO, and SwedBio. The authors are responsible for the choice and presentation of the facts contained in this book and for the opinions expressed therein, which are not necessarily those of CIFOR, UNESCO, ITTO, and SwedBio and do not commit these organisations. The review and synthesis refl ect inputs from many organisations, including MoF, LIPI, WCS, TNC, WWF and CIRAD.
doi:10.17528/cifor/001663 fatcat:5vszypgsozfavoeigovbs6hck4