Web Service for extracting Terrain Openness from DEM Data

Wei Luo, Xiaoyan Li, Liping Di, T.F. Stepinski
2009 2009 17th International Conference on Geoinformatics  
This paper discusses the implementation of the Terrain Openness parameter as a Web Service. Terrain Openness is a new morphology parameter that emphasizes surface concavities and convexities (Yokoyama et al., 2002) and can be derived directly from a digital elevation model (DEM). It is essentially an angular measure of the relation between surface relief and horizontal distance and can be used as a proxy for topographic curvature. It is not sensitive to noise in the data and has spatial scale
more » ... has spatial scale built in its definition. However, the Terrain Openness parameter has not been widely used, perhaps because of limited software availability. Implementing it as a Web Service will ensure widest possible accessibility, because the only requirement for the user is an Internet connection and a standard web browser. This is made possible with recent advances in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), geospatial Web Services, and interoperability technologies. It is implemented within the framework of GeoBrain, an open, interoperable, distributed, standard-compliant, multi-tier webbased geospatial information services and knowledge building system.
doi:10.1109/geoinformatics.2009.5293470 fatcat:u27g77ds4nh7lk6ifqfgx47qkq