Intermediate-scale vertex corrections for a zero mode in warped space

Nobuhiro Uekusa
2010 Physical Review D  
Non-Abelian gauge theory with a warped extra dimension is studied as a quantum field theory at an intermediate scale that is regarded as being much lower than the scale of the geometry stabilization and the Planck scale. Loop corrections for zero-mode vertices are diagrammatically calculable in perturbation at the intermediate scale. The contribution for each diagram can be compared to the correspondent in the four-dimensional theory. It is found that for a part of the contributions the
more » ... ent for the logarithmic scaling has the same value as the four-dimensional results. A viewpoint to treat corrections associated with higher-dimensional operators is also discussed.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.82.065019 fatcat:jrwkx2lztjd5tnsg6ps42qtrpi