Two Stage Text Encryption Using a Private Table of the Sumerian System
تشفير النص على مرحلتين باستخدام جدول خاص بالنظام السومري

2020 Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies  
The massive use of the internet in our contemporary life relates to the increase of the exchange of information through the Internet networks. Due to the importance of the information and to preserve its confidentiality, it protects using theories as well as strategies from attack or abuse. The aim of the research is to design an algorithm to encrypt text symbols to understandable symbols using private table that contains representation of ASCII of English characters with their suitable
more » ... system numbers. Each letter of the text is converted to ASCII code then encoded as an image using the private table, After that these images are combined together and saved as a new image as a Sumerian image. This image is encrypted first with unintelligible key image that is generated from three external key's (kr, kg, and kb) to be the first stage encryption image. Then the second stage image generates from encrypting the first stage image with another input key image using XOR function which increases image security. The proposed algorithm gives double stage encryption and high degree of security level because of using Sumerian system and using different keys and security methods. Through using the histograms on all tested images, the result image demonstrate the efficiency of the system visually.
doi:10.32894/kujss.2020.15.1.2 fatcat:ogyhiqvzwzanrfkmikibqiyzrm