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Saeid Abbasbandy, Reza Ameri, Luisa Arlotti, Krassimir Atanassov, Malvina Baica, Federico Bartolozzi, Rajabali Borzooei, Carlo Cecchini, Gui-Yun Chen, Domenico Chillemi, Stephen Comer, Irina Cristea (+214 others)
Some results on Laguerre transform in two variables I.A. Salehbhai, A.K. Shukla pp. 57-62 Growth analysis of wronskians based on relative L* -order and relative L* -type S.K. Datta, T. Biswas, C. Biswas pp. 63-70 Soft fuzzy disconnectedness in dimension theory D. Vidhya, E. Roja, M.K. Uma pp. 71-80 Factor bisemirings Fawad Hussain pp. 81-88 Fuzzy parameterized fuzzy soft rings and applications Xianping Liu, Jianming Zhan pp. 89-100 A secure and efficient authentication with key agreement scheme
more » ... based on elliptic curve cryptosystem Juan Qu, Yuming Feng, Yi Huang pp. 101-112 Diameters of semi-ideal based zero-divisor graphs for finite direct product of posets K. Porselvi, B. Elavarasan pp. 113-122 On commuting traces of generalized biderivations of prime rings Asma Ali, Faiza Shujat, Shahoor Khan pp. 123-132 On connections between vector spaces and hypercompositional structures Christos G. Massouros pp. 133-150 On the conjugation invariant problem in the mod p dual Steenrod algebra Neşet Deniz Turgay pp.