Annals of Solution of Fuzzy Non-linear Equations over Triangular Fuzzy Number using Modified Secant Algorithm

Md Ali, Kanak Chowdhury, Abeda Sultana, Khodadad Khan
2016 Annals of Pure and Applied Mathematics   unpublished
The application of fuzzy non-linear equations has recently increased in many branches of pure and applied mathematics as well as engineering and social sciences. So solution of fuzzy non-linear equations has become an important tool in fuzzy Mathematics. There have been many numerical methods for the solution of fuzzy non-linear equations. In this study, we have solved fuzzy non-linear equations over Triangular Fuzzy Numbers (TFNs) using modified secant algorithm. Graphical representation of
more » ... solutions has also been drawn so that anyone can achieve the idea of converging to the root of a fuzzy non-linear equation.