A concept of layout design system by emergence through distributed agents
3306 分散エージェントの創発による配置設計システムの構想

2001 The Proceedings of Design & Systems Conference  
This paper proposes a concept of layo凱 design automation by focusing on hierarchy in functional and spatiaI s 恤 ctures of a system such as an energy plan し This concept is based on the emergent synthesis that any design solutio 皿 is generated through interactions between the whole . and parts . Under its methodelogy , various elements that compose a layout design problem such as 呈 ayout components , their partial sets, layout space and layout conditions are respeCt 孟 vely mOdeled as independent
more » ... autonomous agents . Layout design is deployed through recursive iteration of assumption of a tentative layout , recognition of partial situations for individua 乳agents , their evaluation and layout refinement . In this pTocess such situations are dynamically and refiexively formed through various interactions among agents . This methodology for computational design is applied to a prototype systern for plant layout design in order to demonstrate its promises and poss三 bilitles .
doi:10.1299/jsmedsd.2001.10.343 fatcat:ek2w45vtfvcmlaj4ld575hu75u