Action and Hamiltonians in higher-dimensional general relativity: first-order framework

Abhay Ashtekar, David Sloan
2008 Classical and quantum gravity  
We consider d>4-dimensional space-times which are asymptotically flat at spatial infinity and show that, in the first order framework, the action principle is well-defined without the need of infinite counter terms. It naturally leads to a covariant phase space in which the Hamiltonians generating asymptotic symmetries provide the total energy-momentum and angular momentum of the isolated system. This work runs parallel to our previous analysis in four dimensions aes. The higher dimensional
more » ... ysis is in fact simpler because of absence of logarithmic and super translation ambiguities.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/25/22/225025 fatcat:hqycxgbmnvfpfplmcwwnregspq