Performance Enhancement of High Power High Repetition Rate Semiconductor Opening Switches

A.H. Abbasi, K. Niayesh, J. Shakeri
2009 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
High power semiconductor opening switches (SOSs) with P + PNN + doping profile have been used in different pulsed power applications because of their fast high current interruption capability. In high pulsed power applications with high repetition rate, temperature increase of the semiconductor switch during its operation is no more negligible. In this paper, the cut-off characteristics of SOSs with different doping profiles are compared and then the impact of the temperature increase on the
more » ... formance of the semiconductor opening switch is investigated using a detailed physical model. The simulation results indicate that due to the temperature increase of the switch, both the current amplitude and the cut-off characteristics of the switch are affected. Semiconductor opening switches with different base materials (Si and SiC) are studied. Due to favorable intrinsic characteristics of SiC (higher thermal conductivity, higher saturation velocity and higher breakdown electric field), the performance of the SOS can be enhanced using SiC as the base material and the design of compact high pulsed power applications can be achieved.
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.115.983 fatcat:d2hs24rrxraexhox5rsj5pr4iu