Rhopalocera nihonica: a description of the butterflies of Japan / [book]

H. Pryer, James. Bisset
1886 unpublished
Plumbi Precip. and Calcis Carb. sprinkled over the bottom of the drawers, although somewhat unsightly, will in damp climates keep away mould and acari. If, however, mould appears persistently, the drawers should be placed round a bright fire, some six feet distant, with the lids removed, for several hours, at intervals of a few days. As a substitute for this method, a small quantity of. Calcis Chloride, placed in a small pan in each drawer, for a short time, should be sufficient to absorb all
more » ... ent to absorb all moisture. Camphor is worse than useless, as it only damages specimens, instead of acting as a
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