A big data platform to enable integration of high quality clinical data and next generation sequencing data

Joel Haspel
2015 European Journal of Molecular and Clinical Medicine  
Administration of RLIP76-PL was subcutaneous or intramuscular on a prophylactic (administered up to 20 h prior to irradiation) or therapeutic (administered up to 36 h after irradiation) schedule. Results: As a prophylactic, there was 100% survival compared to 33% of the controls when mice were given three doses and exposed to 8.1 Gy. As a therapeutic, the drug is not administered until 24hrs after irradiation and remarkably, there is 92% survival compared to 8% of the controls. Conclusions:
more » ... s. Conclusions: Combined data of many studies show that when compared to controls, treated mice exposed to LD50s, LD70s, or LD90s resulted in survival ranging from 50-80% over the controls. RLIP76-PL is a strong candidate to protect the population from acute radiation exposure. http://dx. Abstract In this presentation quantitative as well as qualitative analyses are reported regarding the communication strategies in the field of cancer prevention in the English-speaking world as compared to Italian-speaking world. The quantitative analyses were based on the occurrence of specific keywords in the global literature accessible via internet as well as on the chromatic-complexity investigated in a total of 1400 images. Such images refer to the "prevention" field and were taken from internet English-domains and Italian-domains. This study represents a preliminary report regarding a novel linguistic approach to assess the efficacy of cancer prevention strategies. The conclusions indicate significant and relevant quantitative differences between communication strategies having language differences. http://dx.
doi:10.1016/j.nhtm.2014.11.011 fatcat:xdxgbxzzgjbuvie22ypegqawkq