Role of Ultrasound in Cataract Surgery –A Prospective Clinical Study

Nadya Abid Hadi
2018 International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review  
Article Info Ultrasound examination prior to cataract surgeries can be very useful to get significant information about the ocular abnormalities and changes found among patients intended to have cataract surgeries. This prospective study aimed to assess and evaluate the role of ultrasound examination in detection of abnormal findings among 168 Iraqi patients before cataract surgery, all patients were examined with ultrasound prior to surgery. Postoperatively, the patients were followed up in
more » ... eduled visits for three months. The mean age of the studied group was 58.2 ± 14.7 ranged between 38 and 81 years, males were 44.6% and females were 55.4%. Obese patients were 38.7%, hypertensive 22.6%, diabetic 14.3%, surgical history in 16.1%, smokers were 31.5%, and only 1.8% were alcohol consumer. Abnormal ultrasound findings found in 21 patients (12.5%). Retinal detachment was the more frequent abnormal ultrasound finding account fo (6.5%), followed by vitreous hemorrhage (4.2%), other lesions were less frequent account for 1.2, to 1.8%. Abnormal ultrasound findings were significantly associated with younger age below 50 years (Odds ratio = 3, P=0.026) and diabetes mellitus (Odds ratio = 3.82 P= 0.019). No statistically significant association had been found with other characteristics of patients. In conclusion, the detected abnormal findings on ocular ultrasonography before cataract surgery reflected that ultrasonography examination before cataract surgery can play a significant role in diagnosis and detection of hidden lesions to help in planning for surgeries and to get more precise prognostic information.
doi:10.20546/ijcrar.2018.606.011 fatcat:5h5jt2ukizckxoz73v4isvfyeq