Organization of positive socialization of schoolchildren in the context of socio-cultural design
Организация положительной социализации школьников в условиях социокультурного проектирования

Dana K. Bartosh, Maria V. Kharlamova
2020 Pedagogy and Psychology of Education  
The article describes the possibilities for self-education and self-development of students in creative activities in the context of additional education. It has been established that the relevance of this issue is due to the focus of modern educational policy on the personal development of students and the individualization of their learning. The authors describe in detail interactive pedagogical technologies that involve the inclusion of children in socially and personally significant
more » ... es, with the main focus on social design. The article presents the experience of teachers conducting literary and creative projects as part of the "Moscow Literary Vacations" and defines the educational value of these pedagogical technologies.
doi:10.31862/2500-297x-2020-2-39-49 fatcat:kdeeqkqmujbwtaaf3mbf7q4nga