The Chancellorship of Edinburgh University

1891 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Oct. 24, 1891.] TIlE BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. 919 " Scientia,' after praising our prospectus, suggests that the course, whlieh lasts eight weeks (not seven), should be compressed into four weeks, and thus enable practitioners on a lholiday to participate in it. The objections to this proposal are that the present lectures and demonstrations occupy all the afternoons, thlree evenings, and two mornings a week, and that it is advisable to leave post-graduates some mornings free for preparation and
more » ... for preparation and to follow hospital practice. Of the hospitals mentioned as giving but one lecture or demon-*stration a week, one contemplates adding a second, and the otlhers lhave before given two lectures, and probably will do so again if required. The inclusion of gynmecology and of operative surgery in the course is, as " &Sientia " states, highly desirable, and efforts lhave been made, and are being nmade, to secure this eud, the great difficulty in the former case being the objectioni on the part of the patients to examination, without wlhichl a course could lhardly be practical, and, in tlle latter case, the interferenice witlh the various existing courses of practical surgery in London. " Scientia " objects to the fee of 13 guineas for the entire course, but surely it is moderate, considering that it includes
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