Is Anyone Out There Listening?

Marilyn Stokstad
1999 Merrill Series on The Research Mission of Public Universities  
Once more into the breach, dear friends, or close the gap with the bodies of"... a comatose public. Is Anyone Out There Listening? As scholars we know how to share information rapidly with the people who need to know. As I was typing some notes for this talk, Prof. Harry Titus from Wake Forrest stopped by on his way to Colorado. Just back from a symposium in Burgundy, he passed along the latest news on the 8 th and 9 th century crypt under the Cathedral of Auxerre-and the address of his web
more » ... where I can see the new photos of the work-a nice mix of traditional information sharing-that is to say, personally and verbally and electronically. (In return, I directed him to Lucas, Kansas and the Garden of Eden, something every medievalist should see). The important question is not how we enhance scholarly communication among ourselves but how we communicate with a wider audience. First and foremost we teach. Teaching remains the finest (noblest?) form of scholarly communication. Of course when we teach, we do more than transmit information. We also teach how to use information, how to evaluate ideas, and (we hope) how to create more "knowledge."
doi:10.17161/merrill.1999.8131 fatcat:n5gl4qkk2zclhoamnvoncfkrfa