The market potential for sawn New Zealand beech [article]

James Hamo Thorneycroft, University Of Canterbury
Sawn timber from the species Nothofagus fusca, N. menziesii, and N. truncata, have wood properties that are ideal for the manufacture of furniture and other high value applications. In foreign markets sawn beech could be sold as a substitute for better known commercial timbers such as black cherry (Prunus seratina), red alder (A/nus rubra), or tropical hardwoods such as meranti (Dipterocarp spp.). The price of beech in the local market is similar to that of rimu (Dacrydium cupressium) and other
more » ... pressium) and other native timbers. Locally produced timbers are priced significantly lower than imported timbers that have similar wood properties. In U.S. beech species might be sold 15% cheaper than locally grown hardwoods with similar characteristics, cherry, alder, and maple. Under this pricing strategy red beech would be priced at NZ$ 775 /m³ , silver beech at NZ$ 639 /m³ , and hard beech at NZ$ 491 /m³.
doi:10.26021/1529 fatcat:2h2akwi2sjdxxlxbklkbcg6obq