Smart Traffic Light Control System for Emergency and Detection of Stolen Vehicles T Naga Raju, K RajSekhar, V Sandhya

P Student
2014 International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Now a day"s Traffic congestion is the biggest problem of densely populated countries. So, our project focuses on mainly three areas-Priority mechanism for emergency vehicles like Ambulances, fire engines to control the traffic density and monitoring the traffic junction. This project is a replica of a four way lane crossing of real time scenario. This project proposes primarily the problems faced by emergency vehicles-RFID concept is used to make green for the Ambulances lane and thus providing
more » ... and thus providing a stoppage free way for the Ambulance. In addition to the green wave path, the system will track a stolen vehicle when it passes through a traffic light. So, it is an autonomous 2-tier system which will help in the identification of emergency vehicles or any other desired vehicle. It is a novel system which can be used to implement the concept of the green wave. In the existing system manual effort is necessary to control and monitor if any emergency vehicle is approaching or not.