Капиллярная неустойчивость цилиндрической струи феррожидкости, находящейся в однородном продольном магнитном поле

В.М. Коровин
2020 Журнал технической физики  
In this article a ferrofluid jet located inside a solenoid is considered. The jet is modeled by a cylindrical volume of incompressible inviscid fluid moving at a constant velocity parallel to the axis of the cylinder. The axes of the jet and the solenoid coincide. The variation of the strength of the magnetic field generated by the solenoid is allowed from very small to experimentally achievable maximal values. We investigate the influence of the magnetic forces on the growth rate and the
more » ... ngth of the most rapidly growing perturbations of the jet surface shape.
doi:10.21883/jtf.2020.05.49170.297-19 fatcat:3xsflazpb5gvvlpp4wbsd3c77m